Take mobile marketing to the next level with NFC

March 11, 2020
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The key to mobile marketing: Connecting personally

Everyone loves a feel-good moment. Anything that excites us, and grabs our attention, has by far, way more staying power than things that don’t. For that reason, connecting with your audience on a personal level is the most essential part of brand engagement.

Connect on a personal level with NFC!

Brands that use NFC technology in their mobile marketing campaigns have the advantage of directly connecting with their mobile audiences on a large scale. That’s a huge advantage since, billions of people use their mobile devices every day, for so many things!

Although Near Field Communication (NFC) has gotten attention after becoming a technology for creative marketing, is it being utilized to its fullest potential?

It’s time to get creative!!

Take your mobile marketing campaign to the next level with NFC. Most of us already know NFC technology can launch apps, direct you to a blog, or link to videos, just by holding a smartphone close to an NFC tag.

You should also know, that NFC technology is used by big brands and small businesses to promote their products, create brand awareness and retention, and improve the overall experience for the end-user.

Mobile marketing with NFC creates an interactive fun factor for the end-user, and NFC’s interactive nature makes brand experiences engaging and unforgettable. As a result, a brand can personally connect with its target audience in a much cooler and more impactful way!


“Mobile isn’t just the future; it has revolutionized business. Mobile devices are a key communication tool for most consumers in the U.S. and growing numbers worldwide.” – Neil Patel

Mobile marketing with NFC – Endless possibilities

When it comes to creatively including NFC in your mobile marketing campaign, the sky’s the limit! Any physical product can be turned into an NFC touchpoint. NFC tags can be sewn into clothing, placed in printed media, embedded into wearable technology, and incorporated into everyday items.

Elevate your brand!

Use NFC to create fun and engaging experiences for your audience. NFC tags can be used however you can imagine. Here are some creative examples of how top brands used NFC technology in their mobile marketing campaigns:

Nike Connect
Nike News – What is NikeConnect?


Nike has come up with a brilliant way to uniquely engage with customers. With the purchase of Nike NBA Connected Jerseys and the Chelsea FC Jersey, customers have a chance to win exclusive gifts like early access to products, courtside seats, and autographed jerseys. Just download the NikeConnect app and tap the NFC tag on the jersey.

Campari NFC Refrigerator Magents
Mobile Marketer – Robert Williams – Campari Eases Liquor Ordering with NFC-Enabled Fridge Magnets


Campari America has created special refrigerator magnets called “Campari on Tap”. The magnets have been embedded with an NFC chip. This allows consumers to tap it with their smartphone, which directs them to the product page on Drizly, an online alcohol store.

From there, the user can order Campari brands and have them delivered to their home. The magnets have been distributed in New York City liquor stores. Each magnet is branded with one of the six Campari products.

Lexus NFC Ad in Wired Magazine
Ad Age – Jason Del Rey – Lexus Brings NFC-Enabled Print Ad to Wired Magazine


Lexus placed an NFC-enabled print ad in Wired Magazine. They wanted to create an interactive experience for the readers. The readers had to tap their phone on the ad to access the Lexus GS 2013’s Enform App Suite demo.

Then, users were able to view the welcome video and other videos explaining each app.  “This gives us a chance to bring the technology to life for a reader in a way that words just don’t do,” said Brian Bolain, National Marketing Communications Manager for Lexus.

L’Oreal UV Sense
Wearable Technologies – Sam Drapper – L’Oréal’s Batteryless UV Sense Fits On Your Fingernail


UV Sense is the first wearable electronic UV sensor powered by a mobile phone. The sensor is activated by UVA and UVB rays, which get communicated to the mobile app. The app translates and transfers data from the sensor using NFC technology. The NFC chip is also responsible for charging the device through the data transfer.

The UV Sense app provides detailed information about when the wearer should be mindful of UV exposure and outlines a user’s exposure levels. Sun safety habits like when to spend time in the shade and how often to reapply sunscreen are encouraged while providing facts about sun exposure.

Customer Testimonial:

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NFC Technology is different from QR Codes


QR Codes are very similar to bar codes.  Once the code is generated, the content can’t be changed.  With NFC technology, you have the flexibility to store different types of information in the tag. As long as the tag isn’t locked, you can change the content whenever you want, without creating a new NFC tag.

Ease of use

Another advantage of NFC technology is its ease of use. The user taps the phone near the NFC tag area and information is instantly transferred, no app is needed. With a QR code, the user must open a scanner app on their smartphone, hover over the QR code, and wait for the phone to analyze the code, then react.

Durability and security

Since QR codes are typically printed on packaging or labels, they usually just get discarded after an item has been opened.  Additionally, the QR code could easily get damaged, either by being marked, bent, or scratched, making it hard to read or possibly unreadable.  And because QR codes can easily be duplicated and shared, it makes them unsecured.

In contrast, NFC tags can be embedded in consumer goods, which are not discarded after a sale or promotion.  Also, NFC tags have an approximate read range of one inch.  This allows the NFC tag and reader to communicate with each other quickly and securely while completing complex transactions.

In addition, NFC tags include a secure element to prevent duplication, so they can be used to authenticate products and protect against tampering and counterfeits.  This functionality is just not possible with QR codes.

In conclusion

Mobile Marketing with NFC is an extremely effective way of connecting with your audience on a more personal level. It’s exciting and attention-grabbing and there’s no limit to the fun and engaging experiences you can create!

And when you deliver relatable content through an interactive, fun experience, you leave a lasting impression on your audience. That makes your brand unforgettable!

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