Hologram prisms: A stellar way to bring your content to life – no Android required.

May 4, 2021
Image for Hologram prisms: A stellar way to bring your content to life – no Android required.

Hologram Prisms: Now these would make R2-D2 proud!

Hologram prisms will leave a lasting impression in your marketing efforts using just about any screen – large or small. They’re great for use with smartphones or tablets running Android, iOS, iPadOS or even any OS or no OS! All you need is a screen capable of video playback. Just imagine the impact you can make by bringing a “New Hope” to your marketing strategy!  Your message will appear to just float in mid-air like a Jedi mind trick.  Synergem offers several hologram designs to help bring your content to life.

How they work

Simply put, your image/video is projected by the screen and reflected off the surface of the prism at just the right angle to make it seem like it is just floating in space. In actuality, it is just inverted to appear upright inside the pyramid panel.

The key here is lighting: specifically brightness and contrast. For the best results, the object you want to use should be much brighter than the background. As your content travels at light speed, we recommend a black background for the best effect. We also suggest dimming the lights in the room and keeping it a bit on the dark side so that the hologram really stands out.

Design options

This is where it starts to get a bit technical: You will need to split your image or video to reflect on each side, or pane, of the pyramid. The reflection will strike back, making your content appear to float within. You would need to leave a blank square in the center, which would serve as the center point for your pyramid. The closer the image is to the outer edge of the screen, the higher up on the pyramid it would display. On a standard 4-sided pyramid, you can literally walk around it for a 360-degree view! Here’s an illustration to help you understand a bit better:


Watch our demo video to get a better understanding of how your content would need to be produced for this example.

We also have a 3-sided design where the projection is slightly larger but the back side is blocked. This can be used when you want a static backdrop such as a frame or logo, or just want a larger surface area for your content.

If you are looking for an even larger effect, we also offer hologram viewer boxes. These are similar to VR Viewers, except that the screen is built-in and you are seeing a larger, wider area that can be as large as your screen. This type of projection, however, will only display a single reflection and not provide a 360-degree view.


These are all great options, but what about the build quality? The pyramid itself is typically constructed from acrylic, usually 2-3mm thick, as it provides the best reflective properties. We also have designs that incorporate a thin, lightweight sheet of clear plastic known as acetate. These are great because they can lay flat, making them less costly to manufacture and ship across the galaxy. They are typically used in mailers that can be easily assembled by the end user.

The mailer and boxes themselves are typically made from paper stock or cardboard, depending on the application. Most hologram prisms are sized for mobile phones or tablets but if you’re a rebel, we can also create a custom size optimized for your design. We even have designs where the pyramid is upside down, making it easier to view the hologram from above.

Integrated into your marketing

Whether you choose an acrylic design for an elite audience or just a bunch of acetate clones for a targeted mailing, we have everything you need to make hologram prisms a driving force in your next marketing campaign. Just give us a call and we will guide you through the adventure. This is the way.

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