Interactive co-pay card

June 12, 2018
Image for Interactive co-pay card

Synergem is taking pharmaceutical co-pay cards to the next level with an interactive component. Providing the patients with immediate access to medical information, videos, and drug or counseling support greatly increases the patient’s compliance with treatment and their understanding of needed regimen. Patients can easily tap their phone on the Interactive Co-Pay Card to digitally link to an online resource. The benefits gained from the interactive technology include:

  • Immediate access to activation
  • Better patient adherence by providing targeted information
  • Quick link to videos about your product
  • Easily connect to information on mobile phones with a tap

The Tracking Analytics provides real-time web-based tracking for each tap of the phone. To ultimately determine your ROI, each card has a unique ID embedded in the technology which provides:

  • Overall card usage
  • Number of times each card is used
  • Geographical location
  • Time and date stamp
  • Interactive map

For more information on the technology behind the Interactive Co-Pay Card, contact us! Synergem works with our clients to execute their ideas.  For over 30 years we have specialized in creating custom and unique marketing products for the pharmaceutical industry.

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