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Inspiring 2024 PPAI and CES Highlights

January 31, 2024
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2 highly anticipated trade shows kicked off in the new year: PPAI and CES!

2024 is here and recent trade shows in Las Vegas have left the tech and promo worlds buzzing.   Here’s a quick recap with some stats and highlights in case you’ve missed it.

CES: The Consumer Electronics Show

This is the big one.  Held from Jan 7-10 with over 135,000 attendees it was THE spot for the latest in gadgets and gizmos.  There were more than 4,300 exhibitors and the show featured an all-new record-breaking Innovation Awards category for AI, which led the global conversation at the show.  Sustainability, mobility, and digital health were also hot topics of conversation.

On the mobility front were electric airplanes designed for urban areas and cars that search for parking spaces and park themselves (referred to as remote valet).  Health and wellness companies featured numerous smart bio-sensor devices such as non-contact thermometers, health status monitors for infants and seniors,  and even UTI testers.  Sustainable products included an updated “2.0” version of the plant-based Impossible Burger that’s gluten-free, kosher/halal-certified, and cholesterol-free!

Some notable high-tech products also made appearances at the show.  Thin included things such as spatial computing with the Air 2 Ultra AR glasses by XReal (which rivals Apple’s new Vision Pro at a much lower cost), an AI-powered robot companion named Ballie by Samsung that can follow you around, and transparent television screens by LG Electronics that better blend into your decor.

PPAI Expo: The Promotional Products Association International Expo

PPAI Multi-purpose Promo Products
2-in-one Combination Hand warmer and Power Bank

Less than a week later (from Jan 15-18) the yearly PPAI Expo took place as the hot spot for anyone in the promo products business.  Over 16,000 attendees were making a rumble at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.  This included 10,000+ distributors and over 1,000 exhibitors exceeding pre-pandemic numbers.

At the show this year were some great, innovative promo products.  Sustainability and multi-purpose promo seemed to be a recurring theme.  This included some combination hand warmer/power banks and a water bottle that doubles as a phone stand.  We expect to see more multi-purpose promo items like these released throughout the year.

A lot of buzz was also created around packaging solutions (housing promotional products) that can be repurposed in creative and sustainable ways, giving new life to something that may otherwise be thrown away.  With only 1-piece minimums, no setup fees,  and the use of recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging like this will certainly get you noticed.  Just take a look at the packaging shown below that can be repurposed as a greenhouse box – a zero-waste and sustainable solution!

PPAI Repurposed Packaging
Repurposed Packaging: Greenhouse box

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