USB-C technology is a prominent feature in computers and cars

April 15, 2019
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USB-C: A new standard

The technology world has adopted a new connector standard called USB Type C (USB-C), which offers many advantages over its predecessor, USB Type A (USB-A).  These advantages include faster data transfer speeds, faster charging capability, and smaller physical size.

Unlike the older rectangular USB-A port, the new USB-C connector is oval.  The new shape is reversible, so you don’t have to keep flipping the cable to plug it in correctly.  This makes it easier to use because there’s no wrong way to plug it in.  USB-C ports are also smaller with a curvier profile, so it fits into today’s thinner devices.  In fact, several manufacturers are replacing USB-A ports altogether and only include USB-C ports in their new equipment.  One example of this is Apple, which uses USB-C ports exclusively on its MacBook products and the new Mac Mini.

Automakers include USB-C technology in new cars

USB-C ports in new cars
USB-C Technology in New Cars

Since car manufacturers such as Nissan and BMW are also on board with this new technology, many new vehicles include USB-C ports in the front and rear passenger seating areas.  As a result, you can charge mobile phones, tablets, and even laptops in your car.  Some USB-C ports are even capable of fast-charging your devices thanks to the increased power-handling capabilities.  The ports now go up to 100 Watts, compared to the 2.5 Watts available in USB-A.

For backward compatibility, you can use bulky adapters to convert USB-A to USB-C and vice-versa, but this is not always practical or ideal.  The best method is to connect devices directly, without the use of such adapters.

Carbon Fiber USB-C to Lightning Cable
MFi Certified Carbon Fiber USB-C to Lightning Port Cable

The technology doesn’t stop there

iPhone users will be delighted to know that Synergem now carries additional trending technology products.  To help you utilize this new technology, we offer Apple-certified USB-C to Lightning Port cables.  They come in several varieties, including heavy-duty, aluminum, and carbon fiber.  Our cables are one of the few “Made For iPhone” (MFi) Certified, USB-C to Lightning Port cables available in the market.  These MFi Certified cables are guaranteed to work on your Apple iPhone and iPads, so you can charge them directly from your computer or vehicle’s USB-C port – no adapters required!

Dual USB drives Type-C and Type-A
Drives with 2 sides: USB-C + USB-A Flash Drives

Synergem also carries customizable USB Flash Drives with dual USB-A and USB-C connectors, making it easy to transfer files between older and newer computers!  Just plug in the drive to the appropriate port on your computer.  They work on both Mac and PC computers making sharing files a breeze.

Contact Synergem for more information on these products and receive updates as newer USB-C technology comes to market.

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