Our clients often come to us with a request they think is impossible only to find we are excited to take on the challenge. We have the experience to know what will work and how to turn it around quickly. Here is some evidence of how our consultative approach to projects has helped clients keep on track and successfully complete the task at hand.
featured vip

How an innovative brushed metal card with a carbon fiber inlay became a premium acquisition tool for a luxury brand.

featured vr

Read about how Synergem provided a pharmaceutical company with VR viewers to make an impact with a new product launch.

featured ccusb

Learn about how Synergem helped overcome some USB flash drive concerns without altering the schedule.


An international marketing agency seeks a U.S. vendor to customize, deliver and set up conference collateral for a very important, time-sensitive executive meeting.

featured 2day

Read about Synergem’s ability to provide a quick turnaround on a time-sensitive web key project.

featured postal

Learn how Synergem helped with a fundraiser mailing for a non-profit by saving them money with the postal service.

featured nfc

See how Synergem used NFC to bring a whole new user experience and provide analytics for some prestigious medical news publications.

featured headache

See how Synergem stepped in to fill the gap when a medical communications agency was short staffed and needed a variety of marketing collateral.

featured baton

Learn how Synergem helped make a financial service exhibition a success in a short period of time.

featured vb

Read bout how Synergem cares about the client’s needs to make sure this video brochure project is done right.

featured analytics

See how Quick Connect® Web Keys with Analytics saved the day for this pharmaceutical client error that could have been disastrous.

featured digital

Learn how Synergem was able to keep communications costs to a minimum for this non-profit’s important public service announcement.

featured stamp

See how Synergem helped this logistics company save thousands of dollars by solving an issue with a promotional mailing.

featured multi

Read about how Synergem helped a healthcare company with a multi-faceted approach to reach the right demographic using various technologies.

featured 7vb

Learn how a luxury car brand used Synergem video brochures to create hype and leave a lasting impression.