9 Reasons video brochures are great marketing tools

May 22, 2018
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Video marketing stands out as a great way to develop content that is personal and has a significant influence on your audience.  Below are 9 reasons video brochures make great marketing tools and why to consider utilizing them in marketing campaigns.

  1. Storytelling Capabilities.
    Storytelling has become key in content marketing, as more consumers seek a personal connection with information gathering.  Our brains are programmed to recognize patterns of information and assign them meaning, such as associating a rhythm with a particular song or facial features to a specific person.  Stories are also recognizable patterns.  We hear them and they become personal to us.  What better way to tell a story than with print and video?  We make print & video play nice.
  2. They’re Innovative.
    Expand the capabilities of traditional print and bring a positive impact to your business by communicating to consumers in a unique way.  Video brochures grab attention with a video screen integrated directly into your print brochure or other marketing pieces.  Video brochures bring static print to life.
  3. Perfect for High Impact Direct Mail Campaigns.
    Get noticed – don’t get left in the pile of mail.  The emotional effect that direct mail has on the recipient is the reason it is so effective.  It creates a more lasting mental impression, which makes your message easier to recall later on.  It also makes the recipient feel more valued and creates a more authentic relationship for them.  “Giving, receiving and handling tangible objects remain deep and intuitive parts of the human experience” according to a study conducted by the UK Royal Mail.  Maximize your audience engagement by adding video to your direct mail pieces.  “4 times as many customers would rather WATCH VIDEO about a product than read about it” -Animoto
  4. Ideal Communications Tool.
    The main fundamental type of communication is one-to-one.  It is the most intensive and interactive communication, which is why video is a great way to communicate and teach comprehensive topics.  Utilize the embedded video to communicate detailed information such as: introducing pharmaceutical products, showing real estate projects, or delivering a product demonstration.
  5. Target Marketing.
    With video brochures, video content can be delivered to a targeted mailing list or distributed in person by sales representatives to their leads.  According to Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends’ latest research, “Personalized Video: Evaluating Consumer Demand Around the Globe,” personalized video is the hottest new tactic to achieve tailored customer experiences.  Because personalization plays such a significant role in the customer journey, utilizing video brochures for target marketing guarantees the right people are watching your videos.
  6. Customize. Customize. Customize.
    Customize your communication to gain a closer relationship with your customers.  Since video brochures are completely customizable, there are so many options to choose from.  Create your own branded design from the art to the brochure, screen size, and functionality options.  If You Think It, We Can Create It.
  7. Sharing Effect.
    The “wow” factor of this cool technology inspires people to share video brochures with others, which promotes your brand and builds your business.  Word-of-mouth marketing has been recognized as the most valuable way to market a brand or product, the one that consumers trust above all others.  Using video brochures in your marketing great way to connect with others.
  8. Millennials, Gen Xers & Baby Boomers.
    In the past number of years, there has been a shift in generational buying, which affects buyer statistics.  It’s important for brands to understand that each generation wants something different, and engages differently with products and services.  Technology is a big driving factor in this.  Video brochures utilize modern technology and are easy to use, which appeals to all generations.
  9. Offline Campaigns.
    Integrating video brochures in your marketing mix brings the advantage to add video to offline marketing strategies.  Watching videos help consumers make purchasing decisions.  It promotes brand recall and is the perfect resource for strengthening your brand identity and making sure your customers know who you are.

If you need help learning about video brochures and want to be confident in a quality product, reach out to us at Synergem.  We can educate you on all our custom video brochure options and recommend a video brochure that fits your needs.

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