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Custom swag kits make great gifts

April 18, 2023
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The kitting trend

Kitting – the collating of products from multiple suppliers and packing them into custom gift boxes – became explosively popular in 2020 when the pandemic hit.  Before this, very few were offering this service, and options were limited.  Nowadays, we see a completely different trend as more and more clients are realizing the impact a well-designed swag kit could make.  Kits can not only be used to reach socially distant audiences, but also make a great impression with live events, employee appreciation, and even special giveaways, Synergem has already been offering swag kits for years and takes this a step further by allowing clients to include branded promotional items and provide a completely custom kitted bundle.

Bundles of joy

Kits can be customized and therefore the contents should consist of meaningful items that the recipient would really appreciate. These goodie bags (boxes) can contain any type of product from simple swag items like pens and T-shirts to more luxurious items such as leather bags or even the keys to a new car! Okay, maybe that’s a stretch but you get the idea.

This is particularly great for, say, students attending a new school or employee onboarding. For example, an IT company can create a kit that includes a branded tablet, a preloaded USB thumb drive, and a power bank to give to new hires.  Well-thought-out kits bring an element of surprise and provide a lasting impression, which reflects well on your organization and its values.

Kitted swag can drive attendance at virtual events

Virtual events will continue well into the future as companies have realized their effectiveness in a post-pandemic world.  Most events moving forward will have some sort of virtual component to them.  Swag kits are a great way to entice audiences to participate and even promote objectives through social media.  In fact, some companies have found that kitting has proven to attract customers into the longest social media presence of any campaign they’ve ever done.  One way to get these conversations started is to include a branded VR Viewer in your kit to showcase a 360-degree video or other virtual experience!

Kits for all occasions

In 2022, we launched a new site that offers curated kits that you can customize and order online at   If you prefer something a little more unique or specialized, please visit our promo products site for some ideas of what you can include.  If you already have an idea for a custom swag kit, we’d love to talk to you about it, so stop “kitting around” and give us a call!

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