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Behind the scenes: An epic journey

April 19, 2021
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Where have we been for the past 36 years?

It’s been an amazing and epic journey. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Over the years, things have changed drastically in the worlds of marketing and technology. At Synergem, we’ve been through several of these changes that have allowed us to adapt to new trends. With our experience, you may think of us as an advisor of new technologies. So, for those of you who wanted to learn more, we wanted to share some things with you that you may not know about us.

Synergem - A Brief Timeline

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We began our journey in 1985 when Deloreans were traveling Back To The Future.  Our primary focus was duplicating various forms of magnetic and digital media for targeted audiences around the world. We started with VHS tapes, got into DVDs in the 1990s, and more recently provided USB flash drives as today’s format of preference when it comes to delivering information in a more tangible means.

In 2007, as the world was introduced to video streaming services and the first iPhone debuted, we found ourselves looking into new ways to make information available in a more physical way by combining technology with print.  We introduced video brochures and Quick Connect® Web Keys that could bring that physicality back into the online world.

~ Pause for dramatic effect ~

To take advantage of some of the more modern technologies, we shortly thereafter began offering new marketing products such as NFC Tags and VR Viewers that could take advantage of some of the new ways to help our customers communicate their message.  In 2016 we developed hologram prisms to highlight how digital media could come to life.

So what does the future hold?  No one really knows right now but rest assured that when the world changes, we will adapt to bring you new ways to communicate to your audience in ways that you could not only imagine but look good doing so!…

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