5 Great uses of USB drives for marketers

June 2, 2023
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Marketers still use USB drives as a viable solution in today’s online world.

Although cloud storage and other forms of digital storage have become increasingly popular in recent years, USB drives still remain relevant and necessary in many ways. Firstly, they provide a physical and tangible form of storage that allows for easy and portable transport of data. This is particularly important for individuals or businesses that need to physically move or share information between different computers or devices, especially when an internet connection may not be available or reliable.

Secondly, USB drives also offer a level of security and privacy that may not always be guaranteed with cloud storage or other online storage solutions. With a USB drive, you have complete control over your data and can choose to keep it offline and secure from potential cyber threats. Additionally, drives are inexpensive and widely available, making them an accessible and convenient storage option for a wide range of marketing uses.

Here are some ways USB drives can still be used in marketing today:

1. Promotional giveaways:

USB drives make great promotional giveaways, especially at trade shows and corporate events. By branding the drives with a company’s logo and preloading them with promotional materials or product information, you’re giving potential customers a useful tool they’ll keep and use – and, at the same time, raising your brand awareness.

2. Employee gifts:

Internal marketing is just as important as external marketing, and USB drives can be a great way to show your employees that you value them. By gifting them branded drives, you’re providing them with a practical tool that they’ll use every day while keeping your branding in front of them.

3. Digital catalogs:

USB drives make it easy to distribute digital catalogs and product information to customers. By preloading them with your company’s catalog, you can ensure that your customers have access to your product information – even when they’re offline.

4. Training materials:

USB drives can be used as a cost-effective way to distribute training materials to employees or customers. By preloading them with training videos or other learning resources, you’re making it easy for people to learn on the go.

5. Event memorabilia:

If you’re a marketer or host for a special event, you can use USB drives as event memorabilia. Preload the drives with photos from the event, videos of keynote speeches, or other content related to the event – and then give them to attendees as a keepsake.

USB Media (Various)
Credit card, swivel, and stick-style USB drives

Synergem is your USB marketing resource!

Synergem is your one-stop source for everything USB. We offer various capacities and styles to fit the needs of your campaign. Also, content is loaded in our in-house facility here in the USA – not overseas – so your data is safe!

Nowadays, the capacity of USB drives can get into the terabytes but for marketing, the most common ones hold between 4GB and 8GB of information. They are also available in various standard shapes such as USB Sticks, Swivel Drives, and Credit Card USBs, but you are free to get creative with custom designs such as USB bracelets, USB pens, or even custom-molded shapes and designs to compliment your brand. We also have drives with multiple interfaces such as USB Type A, lightning, and USB-C. Furthermore, we can optionally lock the drives to make them read-only, ensuring their content cannot be modified or manipulated by the end user.

Overall, USB drives can still be a valuable and versatile tool in a company’s marketing arsenal, due to their practicality and affordability. To learn more about using USB drives in your marketing campaign just give us a call!

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