Quick Connect® Web Keys + Analytics to make your next campaign a winner.

March 31, 2023
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Synergem’s Quick Connect® Web Keys can be combined with our proprietary Analytics platform to help you keep track of activity trends and gauge your ROI.

You probably already know that our Quick Connect® Web Keys can automatically take your audience to a predetermined URL on a Mac or Windows PC.  Did you know that you can make them even more effective by combining them with our URL Tracking & Analytics platform?  We commonly refer to this as “web keys with tracking.”  Our platform uses the geolocation data of each web key visit to provide meaningful information for your campaign.

Web Keys and Analytics - Geolocation


Geolocation refers to the process of identifying the physical location of a device or user on the earth’s surface using various technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, IP address, or cellular networks.  It is commonly used in various industries and applications such as location-based services, mapping, navigation, and targeted advertising. The collected geolocation information is public data used by service networks and can include things such as latitude, longitude, device type, and service provider. Geolocation has become an essential feature in many modern-day technologies and applications.

Synergem’s URL Tracking & Analytics platform uses geolocation data to provide you with valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and needs.  The platform’s interactive maps, charts, and reporting features help provide measurable results and give you a way to monitor your return on investment.  We provide information such as repeat visits, timestamps, and metropolitan regions. We can also combine this with your private data set to include information such as names, emails, photos, and more!

By implementing these technologies, you can adjust marketing strategies accordingly in either your overall marketing efforts or directly through the web key itself!  Our powerful software has the ability to redirect a web key to a completely new URL –  even after it has been deployed to your customer!   Check out this Case Study to learn about one situation where this technology combo saved the day.

Ultimately, the pairing of Quick Connect® Web Keys with URL Tracking & Analytics leads to more efficient and effective marketing strategies, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profits. So, are you ready to make your next campaign a winner?

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