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The video brochure experience

Are you curious about how video brochures actually works? We’ve created an interactive demo for you to try it out for yourself! Just scroll down and press the play/pause button below the screen to see it in action.

Video brochures for any industry

Choose any of these mockups to get inspired:

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Some ideas for corporate use include new product announcements, brand awareness and sales force support tools.

Power beyond words

Using video brochures in your marketing strategy yields many benefits due to the high impact and potential they provide. You can use them to launch new products, to generate leads or to introduce a new idea when you cannot meet in person. They can provide personalized messages and take your audience through an immersive experience or journey. Surveys show that 4 in 5 people who watch a video ad will take some form of action after viewing. Just imagine the possibilities!

We’ve got options!

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Video brochures provide impactful messaging to your audience. The most basic video brochures include a simple play button like the one shown above, but we offer numerous customization options.

Options include:

  • Chapter buttons
  • Volume controls
  • Magnetic auto-play
  • Infinite video looping
  • Ambient light sensors
  • Motion detection sensors
  • Literature pockets
  • Screens sizes up to 10 inches
  • Embedded NFC tags
  • Custom packaging

What next?

If you’re ready to move ahead and make an impression contact us to get started with your video brochure project today! You can also learn more and see what impact they can have in your next marketing campaign.

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