“These guys deliver. Period. They give me the quality I need in the timeframe our clients need, without exception. It’s nice to know these guys have our backs when it comes to presenting our material to our clients.”

“Why I use Synergem, that’s easy: you produce a quality product, provide a high quality of service, which adds up to “peace of mind” for me! I know what I’m getting, and I don’t have to worry whether a job is done correctly, or if it’s going to be delivered on time as requested! It’s there, it’s done, it’s right…and all with Synergem’s special touch…thank you for making my job and life so much easier.”

“Wow! You guys are fast!”

“The package you produced for us has received acclaim from many team members, both internal and external! The success of the package is a tribute to the dedication, support and customer focus that you and all of the other people who worked on the kit provided to me. Please accept my thanks and deep gratitude on a job well done! I look forward to our next challenge!”

“You guys are lifesavers.”

“With you guys, I never have to worry!”

“I don’t know very many vendors that do what they do.”

“Seriously… I just had to tell you how AWESOME this is! I had some customers commenting on it last week. Wow the best ever…So impressive and professional. Can’t wait to see the results it brings in. I have already had some customers come to life the past few days!!!”

“They understand how I think – they can fill in the blanks.”

“Synergem’s service involves technology that is very detailed and has a lot of moving parts; you need someone who is an expert.”

“They bring a level of professionalism to the table – they make me look good.”

“They are experts – very knowledgeable of what is going on in the industry. They have their pulse on the market and can recommend the latest options.”

“Synergem allows us to engage one-to-one with the audience. And with so many content updates over time. You want to get them back again and again”.

“Synergem knows what is coming up – trends, new and different things.”

“They do everything from a stand-alone piece to a complete kit.”

“We recently did an initiative that involved Synergem in preliminary work and several meetings. A lot of people wouldn’t have touched that project. They made it very easy.”

“Job well done and I LOVE the idea! What I liked most is that it had my attention! What could possibly come from this small mailer? What a surprise!”

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