The trend of using NFC technology has grown since Apple’s new NFC implementation in September 2018, which unlocked NFC capabilities (for iPhones 7 and later – running at least iOS11) to read NFC tags.  With Android smartphones already having this capability, Apple opened up NFC as a universal tool to connect a physical object to the digital world and expand NFC’s potential.  Even New York City’s MTA (Mass Transit Authority) is researching the replacement of their current MetroCard system with a less expensive tap-to-ride NFC equipped system using a smartphone app and NFC fare cards.
NFC is a great technology for Marketers to connect with audiences and instantly engage them with a simple tap. Here are some examples of how to use NFC in your marketing.
  • Quick and Easy: Tapping an NFC sticker with a smartphone can quickly link users to your website. Or an NFC-enabled sign can easily connect guests to your Wi-Fi with a tap.
  • Connected Pharmaceutical Packaging: Pharmaceutical packaging with an NFC tag can offer instant access to product information (including audio and video) for patient education.
  • Continued Engagement: Increase post-purchase engagement where customers can win exclusive gifts through NFC clothing labels like Nike Connected Jerseys.
  • Interactive Posters: Download an app or free ringtone from an NFC poster.
  • Audio Labels: NFC encoding can link a label to play audio on your smartphone. A visually impaired person could identify important items with this an NFC audio label, such as which medicine bottle they are holding and the dosage information.
  • Tutorials: Add value to beauty products by integrating NFC tags that link to a step-by-step makeup tutorial.
  • Interactive Packaging: NFC-enabled packaging can launch your smartphone to a social media campaign.
  • Proof of Authenticity: Embed an NFC chip in luxury items to ensure their authenticity and counteract fraud – just like in this year’s Golden Globe Awards.
  • Registration: NFC generates immediate responses to a “Sign Up Now” call to action.
    In a traditional sense – tap the phone to connect to an internet registration form.
    In a new sense – tap the phone to follow a brand on social media, enroll in a rewards program or activate a co-pay card.
  • Product Information:  Connect shoppers to watch videos right on their phones through an NFC touch spot on a POP display.
  • The Fan Experience: Create an experience that is interactive and memorable. The official soccer ball used in the 2018 World Cup was embedded with an NFC Chip. Anyone who buys the newest Adidas Telstar 18, has access through the NFC chip to specific information about each ball, digital games, insider updates, and exclusive content.
The strength and benefit of the NFC is in its flexibility. The NFC tag contains a chip that holds a unique ID number that, unlike a static QC code, can be customized and individually tracked through analytics.  Synergem can provide Marketers with real time web-based analytics which enables tracking of NFC campaigns with geographical location, interactive map, time stamp, ISP or company information, overall usage, and view rates, to ultimately help determine the ROI.  Synergem handles all steps of NFC projects including encoding, printing, tracking and web-based analytics. Contact us for an NFC Sample or to Learn More.

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