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Quick Connect® Web Keys automatically launch customers to a specific website. Simply plug the web key into a computer’s USB port.

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What are Web Keys?

Web Keys (or USB Web Keys) are small, USB devices that physically look a lot like USB flash drives.  They are used by marketers to direct customers to specific websites, landing pages, or online content. They do not, however, have storage the way typical USB flash drives do. Instead, they are encoded with a command that launches a specific URL on your computer automatically with no user intervention required.

Web Keys can be fabricated from paper or plastic and integrated right into your brochure, business card, Web Key folder, or custom piece. Web Keys give you the flexibility to modify, update and test campaigns and promotions by changing the URL destination. Combine print and technology with custom Web Keys for marketing campaigns, education, and sales tools.

All Synergem Web Keys are encoded on-site at our U.S. facility.

Measuring your marketing ROI

Use our Quick Connect® Web Keys with our web-based Quick Connect® Analytics Software to follow user activity – including the number and geographic location of plug-ins with time and date stamps – to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. We stock Web Keys for rush projects and can print your custom design in-house.

Typical uses for Web Keys in marketing

  • Promoting website launches
  • Driving traffic to a specific website or micro site
  • Specific advertising and user data capture
  • Tracking the success of your campaigns with real-time usage statistics
  • Engaging quickly with your audience using “plug & play” technology
  • Viewing geographical location and IP address data for users
  • Instantly updating campaigns and promotions
  • Connecting customers to online enrollment

Helping you get found

Synergem's Quick Connect® Web Keys are an excellent way to get found. Check out this video for some ideas about how to use them in your next marketing campaign.


Connecting Customers To Online Content Connecting Customers to Online Content
Brand Promotion Brand Awareness and Promotion
Direct Mail Direct Mail Marketing
Website Promotion Website Promotion
Tech in Print Adding Technology to Print
Product Launches New Product Launches
Wow Factor That Special WOW Factor
Pharma Med Life Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Life Science
Automotive Automotive Marketing
Travel and Tourism Travel & Tourism
Real Estate Real Estate & Construction
Trade Show - Conference Trade Shows & Corporate Events
Recruitment Recruitment Tools
Training and Education Training and Education
Sales Meetings Sales Meetings

Stats & Benefits

Stats on Web Keys in marketing

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Here are some notable stats about using web keys in marketing

  1. A web key campaign can increase online sales by up to 35%. (Source: Print+Promo)
  2. Web keys have a 35% higher response rate compared to other forms of direct mail. (Source: Print+Promo)
  3. The average order value for customers who receive a web key is higher than those who don’t receive one. (Source: The Paper Worker)
  4. Web keys can increase brand recognition by up to 54%. (Source: Promo Marketing Magazine)
  5. Adding a web key to a print catalog can increase website traffic by up to 20%. (Source: The Paper Worker)
  6. Web keys can increase direct mail response rates by up to 200%. (Source: IPM)
  7. 90% of recipients use web keys within 24 hours of receiving them. (Source: PFL)

These stats suggest that web keys can be an effective marketing tool in driving sales, increasing brand recognition, and boosting website traffic.

Benefits of using Web Keys in marketing

Here are some benefits of using web keys in marketing:

  1. Increased Engagement: Web keys help in increasing customer engagement by providing them easy access to a website or landing page as soon it is inserted into the computer.
  2. Tangible Marketing: Most marketing efforts are intangible, but with the use of web keys, marketers can provide tangible USB devices with their branding, which can help stand out in a crowded market.
  3. Easy Tracking: The use of web keys enables the detection of specific customers and the web pages they have visited, allowing marketers to get data for valuable insights.
  4. Customizable: Web keys can be customized with unique URLs and visual designs. This makes them perfect for event marketing or promoting any other marketing material.
  5. Cost Effective: With the right approach, web keys are a cost-effective marketing tool. They allow businesses to measure their ROI, track their conversions, and the number of times the USB drive is used.

Overall, web keys are an effective way to increase engagement, drive traffic to targeted pages, and provide measurable results for brands.

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