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Access a virtual reality experience with custom-branded VR Viewers and any cell phone.

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What are VR Viewers?

Synergem’s Virtual Reality Viewers, or VR Viewers, create a tangible 360° experience, which engages customers to interact with video in a unique and exciting way. Use custom-branded VR Viewers for marketing campaigns to capture the full focus of your audience and implement a new way of learning. Here are two of our most popular VR Viewer styles:

VR Viewer - VR1
Download a virtual reality app on your mobile phone and insert the phone into the Synergem V1 Virtual Reality Viewer. Through sight and sound, the user can explore 360° and feel part of that simulated world. Synergem’s V1 Viewer is completely pre-assembled and is fully brandable with company artwork, as is the optional mailer box.
The Synergem V2 Virtual Reality Viewer slides out of a branded sleeve, opens up, and is ready for use. The V2 Cardboard Viewer has a button (called an input) that triggers actions in programmed virtual reality apps and adds another level of interactivity.
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Typical uses for VR Viewers

  • Interactive sales tools
  • Transporting users to a real-life experience in 360°
  • Demonstrating product features and functionality
  • Immersing users in a branded entertainment experience
  • Communicating impactful and memorable messaging
  • Completely engaging users in content
  • Combining education with fun
  • Exploring the world, news events, and documentaries


Sales Meetings Interactive sales tools
Training and Education Training and Education
Product Launches New Product Launches
Immersive An Immersive Experience
Pharma Med Life Pharmaceutical, Medical, & Life Sciences
Real Estate Real Estate & Virtual Tours
Travel and Tourism Travel & Tourism
Automotive Automotive
Wow Factor That Special WOW Factor
Direct Mail Direct Mail Campaigns

Stats & Benefits

Stats on VR Viewers in marketing

VR Headset

Using Virtual Reality Viewers in marketing has shown significant improvements in terms of engagement and customer experience. Here are some notable statistics with sources to support the effectiveness of using VR viewers in marketing:

  1. According to a study by Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research, 53% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that uses VR compared to brands that don’t.
  2. A survey by Magnifyre found that 71% of people who experienced a brand’s product using VR had a better impression of the brand.
  3.  A report from When Trump Meets VR found that the average time spent on a VR experience is 5 minutes, which is longer than the average time spent watching a YouTube video.
  4. According to research by Samsung, 360-degree video content received 10 times more views than traditional videos.
  5. A study by SentioVR found that 87% of marketers believe that VR will be an essential part of their marketing strategy in the future.

Benefits of using VR Viewers in marketing

Here are some benefits of using Virtual Reality viewers in marketing:

  1. Immersive experiences: VR technology enables marketers to create highly immersive experiences for their audience, placing them in the center of the action. This can help to generate greater engagement and a more memorable experience.
  2. Increased brand awareness: The use of cutting-edge technology like VR can help to position a brand as innovative, forward-thinking, and ahead of the curve. This can lead to increased brand awareness and positive perception.
  3. Better customer education: VR technology can also be used to provide customers with a more detailed and interactive product education. This can help to educate customers in a more engaging and effective way.
  4. Enhanced sales: The use of VR technology in marketing can also help to increase sales, as customers are more likely to be impressed and engaged by a brand which demonstrates its products or services in a highly dynamic and interactive environment.
  5. Improved customer satisfaction: Finally, VR technology can also be used to improve customer satisfaction by providing them with a truly unique and memorable experience. This can lead to greater loyalty and advocacy for a brand over the long-term.
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