LED & E-Paper Technology

Use LED and E-Paper technology to create dynamic and eye-catching marketing pieces that grab attention.  Great for special events, brand reinforcement, or to maximize a promotion’s visibility.

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Illuminate your marketing

Create movement with light and pinpoint areas of importance, making them visually unforgettable. LEDs and e-Paper (sometimes referred to as e-ink) are 2 of the illuminating technologies we offer to make your marketing pieces shine! These two technologies offer similar effects for marketing pieces.



LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) shine a bright light and can create movement by blinking or using on/off patterns at different intervals. They are available in a wide range of colors to complement your design. LEDs can even be used with acrylic to provide an amazing glowing effect.


E-Paper Technology

E-paper does not emit any light itself, but instead uses the contrast between light and dark within special displays to achieve movement. Since it does not require power for illumination, it uses very little energy and batteries can last for years! A translucent colored film can be layered over e-Paper to create full-color effects.

Press a button to turn lights on in your marketing piece, or integrate a motion sensor for light activity. Use LEDs for a call to action and customize a scrolling message or offer a unique incentive geared towards your audience. Let acrylic be your canvas and design your art to take advantage of the illumination or show elements of artwork with an animation effect using e-Paper, which is ideal for inserting into a shelf talker, display box, magazine, or brochure.

Typical uses of LEDs and e-Paper in marketing

  • Point of purchase displays
  • Creating movement with light
  • Emphasizing creative design
  • Pinpointing areas of importance
  • Maximizing a promotion’s visibility
  • Revealing an underlying image when lit
  • Creating an interactive tool

Watch us glow

Here's a quick video clip showing some examples of LED marketing pieces along with e-Paper.


Door Opener - Ice Breaker Door Openers & Ice Breakers
Wow Factor That Special WOW Factor
Automotive Automotive Marketing
Travel and Tourism Travel & Tourism
Brand Promotion Brand Awareness and Promotion
Product Launches New Product Launches
Training and Education Training & Education
Memorable Memorable and Impactful Messaging
Real Estate Real Estate
Pharma Med Life Pharmaceutical, Medical, & Life Science

Stats & Benefits

Stats on using LEDs & e-Paper in marketing

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LEDs have become increasingly popular in marketing due to their flexibility, visual appeal, and energy efficiency. Here are a few notable stats with sources that demonstrate the effectiveness of using LEDs in marketing:

  1. Use of LED signage can increase brand awareness by up to 47%. (Source: Small Business Trends)
  2. LED signs can produce up to 20% more sales for businesses. (Source: Gulf Development, formerly Signtronix)
  3. 75% of customers say a store’s signage reflects the quality of its products or services. (Source: FedEx)


  1. According to a study by E Ink, the leading supplier of e-paper technology, e-paper displays can increase sales by up to 40% compared to traditional paper displays. (Source: E-Ink)
  2. E-paper displays have a longer lifespan compared to traditional paper displays. E-paper can last up to three years, while traditional paper displays are only effective for a few weeks. (Source: Digital Trends)
  3. E-paper displays are more cost-effective in the long run. While the initial cost of e-paper displays may be higher than traditional paper displays, the longer lifespan and reusability of e-paper make them a more cost-effective option over time. (Source: Display Data)
  4. E-paper displays can be more environmentally friendly than traditional paper displays. Since e-paper displays can be reused and don’t require constant printing and disposal, they can significantly reduce waste and carbon footprint. (Source: E-Ink)
  5. E-paper displays can increase customer engagement and capture attention. The high contrast and low energy consumption of e-paper displays make them a unique and eye-catching marketing tool. (Source: MarketingProfs)

Benefits of using LEDs & e-Paper in marketing


  1. Eye-catching: LED displays are much brighter and more vivid than traditional signage, making them stand out in any environment. This makes them perfect for catching the attention of potential customers.
  2. Increased Flexibility: LEDs come in many different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for any application, from small point-of-purchase signs to large-scale billboards.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: LEDs contain no toxic chemicals, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional signage.


  1. Cost-effectiveness: E-paper is a more cost-effective option than traditional paper since it can be reused several times, reducing printing and production costs.
  2. Eco-friendliness: E-paper is environmentally friendly since it eliminates the need for paper and helps reduce waste.
  3. Higher impact: E-paper technology allows for dynamic and attention-grabbing visuals, increasing product recall and advertising impact.
  4. Mobility and flexibility: E-paper devices are mobile and can be placed anywhere. They can be used as a portable display in trade shows, in-store promotions, or other events.

Overall, LED and e-Paper are versatile and cost-effective marketing tools that can increase brand visibility and customer engagement while minimizing environmental impact.

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