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Using conductive ink technology, Interactive Print provides “touch hotspots” that either play audio or interactively control a mobile app.

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What is Interactive Print?

Interactive print is a type of “touch” technology that creates an experience by allowing your audience to interact with your marketing pieces in a more tangible way. Interactive Print projects can include posters, boxes, direct mail pieces, or point-of-sale displays.

The most common use for interactive print is to incorporate sound through touch. There aren’t any buttons and there is no need to apply pressure, just touch the print and audio plays through capacitive touch. The audio plays via printed circuits made with conductive ink. Whether it’s music, sounds, or the spoken word, Interactive Print is the coolest new technology in print.

Typical uses for Interactive Print

  • Bringing print to life
  • Playable audio posters
  • Creating print interactivity
  • Discovery through touch
  • Communicating with the digital world through print
  • A new format for the spoken word
  • Product campaigns
  • Music promotions


Tech in Print Adding Technology To Print
Pharma Med Life Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Life Science
Door Opener - Ice Breaker Door Openers & Ice Breakers
Brand Promotion Brand Awareness & Promotion
Automotive Automotive Marketing
Wow Factor That Special WOW Factor
Travel and Tourism Travel & Tourism
Trade Show - Conference Trade Shows & Corporate Events
Real Estate Real Estate & Construction
Memorable Memorable and Impactful Messaging
Immersive Immersive Experiences
Product Launches New Product Launches
Training and Education Training and Education

Stats & Benefits

Stats on Interactive Print is marketing

Interactive Print Components
  1. According to a study by the Interactive Print Network, the use of interactive print in marketing campaigns leads to a 70% increase in engagement compared to static print.
  2. In another study by Research and Markets, the global interactive print market size is expected to reach $1.4 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 17.3% during the forecast period.
  3. Moreover, a survey by Two Sides North America reported that 88% of millennials prefer printed materials over digital for sensory reasons, finding them more memorable, easier to understand, and more trustworthy.
  4. Another study by Quad/Graphics found that combining print with interactive elements results in an 11% increase in target audience recall, which translates into higher brand awareness and recognition.
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Benefits of using Interactive Print in marketing

  1. Increased engagement: Interactive print can increase engagement with your audience by offering a more immersive and interactive experience that captures their attention.
  2. More memorable: Interactivity can make your marketing materials more memorable, making it more likely that your audience will remember and act upon your message.
  3. Cost-effective: Interactive print can be a cost-effective way to create more engaging marketing materials without the need for expensive technology or tools.

Interactive Print can be a powerful tool for marketers looking to increase engagement and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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