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We work with you to create custom packaging that fits your needs, both structurally and graphically.

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The perfect presentation

From simple designs to more unique dimensional concepts that express the individuality of your product.  The right package will allow you to present your vision in a distinctive way. We can provide custom packaging designs for your marketing collateral ideas. Our team will work with you to deliver a complete packaging solution for your campaign.

Typical uses for Custom Packaging

  • Unique end-to-end marketing projects
  • Luxury product launch kits
  • Standout customer experience
  • High-impact direct mail campaigns
  • Premium packaging solutions
  • One vendor accountability
  • Marketing kits


Onboarding New Employee Onboarding
Training and Education Training & Education
Product Launches New Product Launches
Brand Promotion Brand Awareness & Promotion
Pharma Med Life Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Life Science
Automotive Automotive Marketing
Recruitment Recruitment Tools
Wow Factor That Special WOW Factor
Travel and Tourism Travel & Tourism
Memorable Memorable & Impactful Messaging

Stats & Benefits

Stats on Custom Packaging in marketing

Stats & Benefits - Custom Packaging

According to various surveys and statistics, here are some notable stats regarding the use of custom packaging in marketing:

  1. Custom packaging can increase brand recognition by up to 30%. (Source: Business Insider)
  2. 63% of customers say that custom packaging makes a brand feel more upscale and high-quality. (Source: Dotcom Distribution)
  3. 40% of customers say that custom packaging makes a brand feel more personalized and thoughtful. (Source: Dotcom Distribution)
  4. Custom packaging can increase customer satisfaction by up to 40%. (Source: Dotcom Distribution)
  5. Nearly 52% of online shoppers say that they would be likely to make repeat purchases from a brand that delivers orders in premium packaging. (Source: Dotcom Distribution)
  6. 60% of customers say they would share a picture of a shipment on social media if it came in a unique or branded package. (Source: Dotcom Distribution)
  7. Custom packaging can generate up to a 70% increase in revenue. (Source: Packaging Republic)
  8. Companies that use custom packaging are more likely to be perceived as innovative and forward-thinking. (Source: Harvard Business Review)

Custom packaging is a valuable marketing tool that can positively impact brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, revenue.

Benefits of using Custom Packaging in marketing

Here are some benefits of using custom packaging for marketing:

  1. Brand Recognition: Custom packaging can serve as a branding tool that helps your product stand out from the competition. When you have distinctive and attractive packaging, it can help customers identify and remember your brand.
  2. Improved Customer Satisfaction: When your packaging is customized, it can help ensure that your products arrive safely and in a presentable manner, which can improve the customer’s perception of your brand and lead to increased customer satisfaction.
  3. Cost-effective Marketing Strategy: Custom packaging is an affordable and effective marketing tool. It can help generate brand awareness and recall by serving as a walking advertisement for your brand.
  4. Gaining New Customers: People are often attracted to visually appealing products, and custom packaging can give your brand the edge it needs to stand out to potential new customers.
  5. Enhancing Product Value: When your packaging is customized, it can add perceived value to your product. This can help justify a higher price point and lead to increased sales and revenue.
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