What Are They?

Access a virtual reality experience with a custom branded Virtual Reality (VR) Viewer and any cell phone.

Synergem’s Virtual Reality Viewers create a tangible 360° experience, which engages customers to interact with video in a unique and exciting way. Use custom branded VR Viewers for marketing campaigns to capture the full focus of your audience and implement a new way of learning.

Download a virtual reality app on your mobile phone and insert the phone into the Synergem V1 Virtual Reality Viewer. Through sight and sound, the user can explore in 360° and feel part of that simulated world. Synergem’s V1 Viewer is completely pre-assembled, is fully brandable with company artwork, as is the optional mailer box.

The Synergem V2 Virtual Reality Viewer slides out of a branded sleeve, opens up and is ready for use. The V2 Cardboard Viewer has a button (called an input) that triggers actions in programmed virtual reality apps and adds another level of interactivity.

The synergem difference

Synergem delivers the next generation of impactful and results-oriented print and digital marketing collateral, from structural design and development to database sourcing, printing, packaging and fulfillment. From ideas through production, we handle it all.

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  • Interactive sales tools
  • Transporting users to a real-life experience in 360°
  • Demonstrating product features and functionality
  • Immersing users in a branded entertainment experience
  • Communicating impactful and memorable messaging
  • Completely engaging users in content
  • Combining education with fun
  • Exploring the world, news events and documentaries


“Why I use Synergem? That’s easy. They produce a quality product, provide a high quality of service, which adds up to “peace of mind” for me! I know what I’m getting, and I don’t have to worry whether a job is done correctly, or if it’s going to be delivered on time as requested."

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