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Synergem has its pulse on technology and integrates what’s trending with strategic marketing ideas.

Our product development team takes our clients’ most imaginative marketing concepts and brings their ideas to reality. We are your strategic partner for the newest and most innovative marketing ideas. We help you reinforce your brand and make an impression with something that grabs their attention.

The synergem difference

Synergem delivers the next generation of impactful and results-oriented print and digital marketing collateral, from structural design and development to database sourcing, printing, packaging and fulfillment. From ideas through production, we handle it all.

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  • E-Paper Technology E-Paper is a revolutionary material that is used in the next generation of electronic displays. It is a flashing electronic display that combines light, motion and color to create awesome animation with very little power. Perfect to add attention to a shelf talker or direct mail piece.
  • Call Button with helloLIVE™ Technology FCC certified cellular device that enables the end user to make a phone call directly through the marketing piece to a pre-programmed number.
  • The Carbon Fiber Series Deliver innovative and high-end carbon fiber products in custom designed packaging.
  • Structural Paper Rethink traditional print by incorporating dimension and interactive design.
  • Power Banks / Portable Phone Charger Print or engrave your company logo on a Power Bank as a trending technology gift.
  • Bluetooth Technologies Use Bluetooth tracking technology for innovative projects and add the “wow” factor to your marketing campaign.
  • Augmented Reality Use an Augmented Reality App to scan an object, image or word and this can trigger things to happen on your mobile device, such as link to a URL, show a video, or many other possibilities.


“Synergem knows what is coming up – trends, new and different things.”

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