What Are They?

Hologram Prisms are the next generation in marketing tools that will fascinate your consumer audience.

Hologram Prisms bring your 3D hologram marketing video or product demo to life as a direct mail or marketing piece.

Acetate Hologram Prisms: Ignite the imagination and reach your prospects in 3D. Incorporate an easy-to-assemble, pyramid-shaped hologram projector into your direct mail or marketing piece to promote your hologram video and add a new dimension to your communications. Break through the clutter and allow your customers to visually experience your message like never before.

Acrylic Hologram Prisms: Create impactful marketing for your brand using a high-end acrylic prism as part of your next product launch or presentation. Use Synergem Hologram Prisms as an immersive marketing technology tool, that makes an impact and engages your audience in the hologram experience.

The synergem difference

Synergem delivers the next generation of impactful and results-oriented print and digital marketing collateral, from structural design and development to database sourcing, printing, packaging and fulfillment. From ideas through production, we handle it all.

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  • Pharmaceutical, medical device and life science demos
  • Automotive marketing
  • College and high school recruiting
  • Construction and real estate projects
  • Product and technology demos


“I don’t know very many vendors that do what Synergem does.”

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