Luxury Promo Gifts To Impress: What’s your brand worth?

Can the word “luxury” keep it’s luxe even when it’s followed up by “promotional?”

We think it can and we would like to show you how. The meaning of luxury has always included terms such as elegance, premium materials and quality of build but the main objective is the feeling of exclusivity.

Luxury Key Wallet

For example, when a high end sports car company wanted to supply their sales team with gifts to send out to new customers, we had the perfect opportunity to show them some items from our carbon fiber series. With all of the options they eventually chose to do a beautiful leather key fob holder, reflective of the high quality purchase that was made.

This illustrates how a promotional product should be tasteful and correlate to your brand quality. Had the gift been an inexpensive plastic keychain, the experience would have been disappointing and instead of feeling valued, the recipient would have felt taken for granted.

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Premium brands deserve premium promotional gifts.

We here at Synergem understand the importance of brand representation and are able to provide you many options when it comes to selecting a premium quality promo gift. Products made from leather or carbon fiber, in particular, have long lasting appeal. Here are some hand selected items that can represent a high quality brand and, essentially, an exquisite lifestyle:

Carbon fiber handbag with genuine leather:
Aircraft-grade aluminum pen that doubles as a phone stand:
Carbon fiber backpack:
Down insulated vest:
MFI-certificed carbon fiber USB to lightning charging cable:
Charging Cable
Aerospace carbon fiber wallet with stitched racing inspired stripe:
Luxury Wallet
Phone case made with ballistics-grade cabon fiber and leather pocket:
Phone Case
Carbon fiber Airpod Pro case cover (supports wireless charging):
Airpod Case

Also available:

  • Leather Airtag holders
  • Leather luggage tags and passport holders
  • Rose gold plated USB drives
  • …and more! Please call for additional opions
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Remember, it’s all about image!

When choosing a luxury brand gift it is important that the gift reflects the quality of the brand. The thoughtfulness of the gift can also play a signicant role on how your brand is perceived. A happy customer will return knowing that there was some discretion in being selected for a gift and the will remember who you are.

Perhaps you sell fancy cars or high value real estate property? Don’t worry Synergem has you covered! We have decades of experience and are prepared to make your campaign a success.

So, are you ready to leap in the lap of luxury promo items? Great! Just let us know what you’re looking for and we will get things started. If you need ideas, that’s ok too. We can help your brand shine!

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