Influencer Marketing

Using social media influencers as a marketing tactic is a popular and effective method to reach a large audience and increase brand awareness. Credibility, attractiveness, and relatability are among the key indicators of an influencer’s ability to influence. Unboxings are a proven method to reach social media influencers. They fuel anticipation and provide useful product information, which is all good for brands.

By removing a product from its packaging, interacting with it and commenting on the experience, unboxing creates a discussion topic for the viewers and has a social and emotional edge that typical product information doesn’t deliver.

Synergem works with our clients and their agencies to execute your ideas. We specialize in creating custom and unique products for every industry and market. By incorporating components like Synergem’s Video Mailers, LED Lights, Audio Capabilities, Virtual Reality, Holograms and Custom Packaging, we deliver the latest trends in marketing.

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