Illuminate Your Marketing

We want to inspire your creativity with four ways to literally illuminate your marketing collateral. By sharing the newest and most innovative marketing ideas, we hope to reinforce your brands and make an impression with something that grabs attention.
1. Print and LEDs

Add LED technology to printed materials for dynamic and eye-catching images. Press a button and turn on lights in your marketing piece, or integrate a motion sensor for light activity which is perfect for an interactive Point of Purchase display. The LED light can pinpoint areas of importance, reveal an underlying (hidden) image when lit, or create movement with a sequence of LED lights. Using LED lights in this capacity will maximize a promotion’s visibility.

2. Scrolling LED Brochure

Embed a scrolling LED sign directly into your marketing brochure. This LED technology allows you to showcase multiple messages in a continuous slideshow. Use the LED for a call to action, customize the scrolling message according to your audience or offer a unique incentive. Bring more attention and innovation with LED lights combined with traditional print.

3. Acrylic and LEDs

Combine LED technology with Acrylic Glass to propel your brand forward. No one said marketing collateral had to be paper or a box. Using acrylic glass as your canvas, design your art to take advantage of the illumination. Create an interactive experience from brand announcements to product launches.

4. E-Paper

E-Paper or Electronic Paper is a technology that mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional backlit displays that emit light, electronic paper reflects light like paper. E-paper is used to show elements of artwork with an animation effect. Its advantages include: ultra-low power consumption, high contrast (easily seen in daylight) and thin dimension. It is ideal for inserting into a shelf talker, display box, magazine, or brochure.

Synergem has its pulse on technology and integrates what’s trending with strategic marketing ideas. Don’t let the logistics of how to execute a project prevent you from designing. We take care of that for you. We help you strategically plan a product or marketing kit around your campaign, executing every level of detail in the production process, and then deliver your creation when and where you need it.

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