Giveaways are Not Going Away

Giveaways, otherwise known as promotional products, have proved to be an important part of making connections with new customers.  Promotional products carry your company’s logo and are a good reminder of your brand for your potential and current clients.

The success of a promotional product relies on quality and usefulness, both are indications of how long your promotional product will be kept and not discarded. If the product quickly breaks or no longer works after a short time, then it will obviously be discarded. If the product is not very useful, then it quickly gets misplaced and forgotten.

Promotional products that are kept the longest usually have a technology component. Items such as branded phone chargers (power banks), USB Flash Drives and Web Keys have a long life, as they are used over and over. Each time those products are used, there is a reminder of your brand.

When choosing vendors, it is important to also look at timelines and evaluate quality. Much of the sourcing for promotional products comes from overseas, therefore creating a longer wait time for the finished product.

Synergem maintains stocked inventory of USB Flash Drives and Quick Connect® Web Keys for fast turn projects, eliminating the wait time from China. With in-house printing capabilities, we provide permanent, full color, high-quality custom printing.

With USB Flash Drives and Web Keys, the addition of digital content adds value to the promotional product. For all projects, Synergem loads data in-house at our U.S. Facility and not in China. For USBs, we can load, lock and partition data. For Quick Connect® Web Keys, we encode and can provide online tracking analytics for plug-ins.

From printing and data loading to packaging and fulfillment, we handle it all. We are responsive and quality-focused, giving you peace of mind that your job will be done right and on time.

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