What a surprise:

Read about how Synergem helped national freight services company with a promotional event using a matched mailing of video brochures.

"What could possibly come from this small mailer? What a surprise!"

The situation:

A national freight services company wanted to generate excitement and participation in a spring promotional event. They were interested in creating a custom video brochure that could be sent in the mail. The project included sales representative participation and they needed a way to lead their accounts and prospects to the correct contact. Could they execute their big idea and remain in their budget guidelines?


  • Synergem created a custom video brochure design to maximize impact without having to use a large LCD screen. The design included a paperboard mailer that was durable to shrink wrap for a low mailing cost.
  • The project’s fulfillment was completed in-house at Synergem with a matched mailing. A card with each targeted account’s sales representative was included with contact information to enroll in the promotion.
  • To meet with the promotion dates, Synergem sent the video mailers in batches when the lists were available from the freight services company.


The spring mailer generated an exceptionally positive response to the actual mailing piece, from company personnel and the targeted accounts. We fully expect that enthusiasm to be reflected in solid promotion results.”

featured mailer vb

Project Elements:

  • Video Brochures
  • Mailer Packaging
  • Printing
  • In-House Loading
  • Matched Mailing
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution

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