The old approach just won’t work:

Learn how Synergem was able to keep communications costs to a minimum for this non-profit’s important public service announcement.

"In this economy, we have to get the message out, but with fewer technical, creative, and production staff and a lower budget, the old approach just won't work."

The situation:

A communications firm was working with a non-profit agency to get out an important environmental public service message. They needed to do it with their reduced production and technical staff, and lower budgets.

Plus, with the trends of decreased donations to nonprofit causes, the customer had to make sure they would get the biggest yield


  • Synergem adapted the formats of their previous communications from a direct mail piece to an email marketing communication.
  • Synergem distributed the information out to their target audience for a fraction of the cost and was ready with a direct mail follow up.


“Synergem’s ability to adapt the message to a whole new medium meant that the important word got out to all who needed it without bankrupting the budget. Talk about return on investment!”

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Project Elements:

  • Graphic Design
  • E-mail blasts
  • Digital Print
  • List Management
  • Distribution

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