One Less Headache:

See how Synergem stepped in to fill the gap when a medical communications agency was short staffed and needed a variety of marketing collateral.

"With recent staff reductions, I have less people and time than ever to make sure this meeting goes well. One source, one call, one less headache is what I need."

The situation:

A medical communications agency was taking the lead in preparing materials for an upcoming meeting. They knew they needed a variety of marketing collateral to pull off their customer’s vision.

However, they did not have the time or people to work with a large group of vendors and make it all happen. They needed someone to fill in the gap caused by recent staffing reductions.


  • Synergem took all the creative work and designed bound booklets, posters, reply cards, letters, tent cards and more.
  • Synergem assumed control over every component and coordinated all the proofing, production and distribution so that everything would be delivered where it needed to be at just the right time.


“One point of contact that we can rely on means the world to our agency. We let Synergem handle all the details so that we can concentrate on our core competencies without sacrificing any of the quality or reliability that our customers need.”

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Project Elements:

  • Project Management
  • Poster Printing
  • Digital Print
  • Specialty Finishing
  • Distribution

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