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Read about Synergem’s ability to provide a quick turnaround on a time-sensitive web key project.

"Everybody know that web keys come from China, but what you need to understand is I need some for my project in two days!"

The situation:

An advertising agency had requested pricing on web keys for an upcoming project, which Synergem dutifully provided. Pricing was included along with a standard delivery time frame from our Chinese factory.

However, by the time final decisions were made about the project, the standard delivery time wasn’t going to work. The project has to be complete in two days!


  • Synergem inventories web keys, but there wouldn’t be time to imprint the keys as originally planned.
  • Synergem proposed to use our inventoried Quick Connect® Web Keys as a quick solution and also offered a unique packaging solution, including custom full color printing on the web keys, that allowed the marketing message to get across better than the simple imprint on the drives would have done.


“What can I say; when it appeared that the project might fail at the end, Synergem gave us a solution that was even better than what we had originally intended.”

featured 2day

Project Elements:

  • Quick Connect® Web Keys
  • Encode with Tracking
  • Custom Media Packaging
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution

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