Credit cards are not the enemy:

Learn about how Synergem helped overcome some USB flash drive concerns without altering the schedule.

"I'm used to thinking of credit cards as the enemy! Today, though, a credit card saved our project!"

The situation:

A New Jersey marketing agency had a video project for their customer. The client needed to get videos into the hands of their end users in an off-line capacity that would work in doctors’ offices, where most of the PC’s would not have DVD drives.

USB flash drives were the answer, but there was a problem. USB flash drives, by their nature, are small, and the client had a detailed logo that wouldn’t reproduce well on a tiny surface.


  • Synergem recognized the problem right away once the artwork became available.
  • The Account team quickly came up with alternatives. Pulling from its vast library of drive styles, Synergem recommended a thin credit card USB drive. The drive’s larger surface could be printed using a finer, high-quality digital print method.
  • Synergem made the change with its manufacturing partners without allowing the change to affect the production schedule. The drives were produced, and then printed and duplicated at Synergem in the U.S.A. to finish off the project.


The credit card drives turned out to be the perfect solution. It was not what was planned, but it turns out that our client liked it even more than what they had originally envisioned.

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Project Elements:

  • Project Management
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Digital Printing
  • USB Duplication
  • Packaging
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution

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