A custom VIP experience:

How an innovative brushed metal card with a carbon fiber inlay became a premium acquisition tool for a luxury brand.

Ensure your customers feel special with a custom VIP experience

The situation:

A leading advertising agency needed to design and create an upscale card that included a premium paper wallet. The project was for a luxury brand’s sales team to use as an acquisition tool. The challenge was for Synergem to deliver an innovative and high-end VIP Card that represented the modern luxury brand image


  • To represent the luxury and classic style of the brand, Synergem developed a brushed metal VIP Card with a carbon fiber inlay. Traditional printing was replaced with custom laser etching techniques to provide a refined look.
  • Each VIP Card required a unique serial number which was accomplished by custom laser engraving.
  • For the premium paper wallet, the Synergem account team focused on selecting the right paper stock combined with metallic print and two foil treatments to create the sleek look the Agency requested.


Offering exceptional VIP treatment was successfully used as a customer acquisition strategy. People felt valued and appreciated when receiving the special VIP Card. By creating a VIP Card which offered an exclusive experience and exceptional promotion, the brand was able to increase their sales conversions.

featured vip

Project Elements:

  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Brushed Metal Products
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Laser Etching
  • Foil Print Treatments
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution
  • Project Management

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