Case study

You have to hear this

You have to hear this

The situation:

A technology company providing solutions in all areas of hospitality was hosting a company conference, which included a walking tour of exhibits for its employees, and wanted each employee’s experience to be the same.


  • Synergem produced an Audio Brochure with multiple play/pause buttons. Each button allowed for a different audio clip to be played in the brochure for each exhibit and also allowed the user to move through the exhibits at their own pace, pausing the audio as needed.
  • Company-branded earbuds were handed out along with the Audio Brochures, which could be plugged into the bottom of the brochure, creating an immersive guided tour experience for each employee.


Using Synergem’s Audio Brochure and earbuds captivated each employee’s attention and allowed them to move through the exhibits, learning different examples of identifying and eliminating issues within certain areas of hospitality.

Project elements:

  • Audio Brochures
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Fulfillment
  • Postal Prep & List Management
  • Distribution

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