Case Study

Too cool

Too cool

The situation:

A luxury car manufacturer wanted to design a high-end invitation to an exclusive preview event, with the opening of the invitation to be an experience itself. There were thirteen exclusive preview events on different dates, each with a unique video and invitation.


  • The Synergem team worked with the client to create a custom experience. A luxury box was produced. When it was opened, a customized invitation to the event was seen. When the invitation was lifted, a video screen was revealed and a message from the CEO automatically played to personally invite the guest. Included underneath the video was a beautiful gift of an acrylic photo frame.
  • Synergem’s Project Management Team coordinated all the elements of the invitation: video brochure customization, printing, acrylic frame manufacturing, mailing lists, fulfillment, assembly, distribution, and timelines.
  • With mailing lists and quantities for each event being finalized hours before each mailing, Synergem’s in-house video-loading capabilities were a huge advantage to get the project out on time


The exclusive invitation created a large social media buzz, including these customer comments:

“I don’t usually go to these but frankly the invite’s damn cool, so I’m considering.”

“I was massively impressed by the invitation.”

“Everyone in the room is now jealous they didn’t receive the cool VIP invitation.”

Project elements:

  • Video Brochures
  • Custom Acrylic Frame
  • In-House Loading
  • Matched Mailing
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution
  • Project Management

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