Case Study

The price of a postage stamp

The price of a postage stamp

The situation:

A shipping and logistics company wanted to create a unique premium for their customers. They wanted a miniature replica of a shipping container to hold note paper or other items.

The company went to a local graphic design firm to create the piece. After months of working on the design and various revisions, the shipping company was shocked to find that no one had considered how much it would be to mail the piece. The price was astronomical.


  • Synergem’s prepress, graphic design, and mailing departments were all called together to consult on the piece. Using their years of experience they were able to minimally modify the design of the replica.
  • The changes that Synergem made took into account not only postage requirements but production efficiencies as well.


“I can’t spend my time learning the ins and outs of mailing regulations or print production; that’s what I rely on my partners for. By making Synergem’s recommended changes and giving them the project, I saved thousands of dollars on production and postage costs.”

Project elements:

  • Project Management
  • Packaging and Mail Piece Design
  • Folding Carton Manufacturing
  • Postal Process Management
  • Fulfillment

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