Case Study

Take a new approach

Take a new approach

The situation:

A pharmaceutical company needed 15,000 Quick Connect® Web Keys to launch a new product. All parties involved signed off and approved the URL for the web key and the keys were produced and distributed.

The URL approved for the web keys was not correct and was directing the keys to the wrong site.


Synergem was alerted the night before the launch and jumped to action. Using our Quick Connect® Analytics tracking software, we were able to correct all 15,000 web keys in minutes.

Since our client decided to use tracking on the web keys, we were able to correct the problem in minutes, not days or weeks. In addition, without the tracking, we would have had to re-do the entire project, which would have been costly and time-consuming.


“We will never do another web key project without tracking!”

Project elements:

  • Quick Connect® Web Keys
  • Printing
  • Encoding
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Distribution

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