Case Study

Service, service, service, and product

Service, service, service, and product

The situation:

What started out as an idea to better reach investors, evolved into a video brochure campaign to target the C-Suite at key accounts. At that point the project was just beginning and the client wasn’t sure of the timing or if it would even happen. Suddenly, the project became urgent, and after reaching out to five companies, the client was disappointed with the lack of urgency and what seemed like low interest in their project.


Synergem’s project management team took the time to talk to the client about their Video Brochure project, their goals, and challenges, and even discussed the client’s mission, which no one else did.

Since the project was a rush and the Video Brochures were needed by a certain date for a trade show, Synergem’s operations and project teams collaborated on the job to facilitate the necessary steps to getting the Video Brochures completed by the deadline.


There were high-level government officials, investors, and potential clients at the trade show. People across the board were overwhelmingly impressed with the Video Brochures and the project is now leading to meetings.

“I chose Synergem because I felt like a priority and their team really cared about our success. Our team is thrilled. Our investors are thrilled. Again, thank you.”

Project elements:

  • Video Brochures
  • Offset Printing
  • Content Loading
  • Project Management
  • Fulfillment

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