Case Study

Pass us the baton

Pass us the baton

The situation:

A financial services company needed to get its latest presentation into the hands of attendees at a conference.

They needed to do something different than last year and better than all the other exhibitors. However, the piece needed to be completed fast, as the information wouldn’t be finalized until a few days before the meeting. It needed to look good, but be secure from tampering too.


  • Synergem worked directly with our overseas factory to schedule the manufacturing of the custom-printed USB drives.
  • Unique full-color offset printed packaging was produced to hold the item and the promotional accessories that went with it.
  • Secure “drive-locking” technology was used during the duplication for data protection.


“When it came down to it, it seemed we had an impossible task. And it became more impossible the closer we got to our deadline, but Synergem never flinched. They smoothed out every wrinkle and cleared every hurdle.”

Project elements:

  • USB Flash Drives
  • Secure Flash Duplication with content locking
  • Full Color Offset Printing
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution

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