Case Study

Down To The Wire(less)

Down To The Wire(less)

The situation:

The client was in Europe, the conference was in the United States. With numerous parties and vendors involved, coordinating the event was going to be a challenge. They requested to use iPads to host proprietary electronic assets and needed them to be pre-loaded for the event.

The client needed customization, branding, delivery, and in-person setup of the iPads. To add to the challenge, the client did not have final approval for all content that was to be loaded onto the devices and was under a tight deadline to get things ready. This would not be ready until the last moment and the final content would need to be loaded on-site.


Synergem quickly began procuring hard-to-find iPads, Apple Pencils, and other items to be pre-configured with client-supplied electronic assets. Custom promotional items such as branded cases, pens, and packaging were designed and prepared. Digital assets were pre-loaded by Synergem, but there was still some missing content that was not yet ready and would be provided on the morning of the event.

Since our client wanted a single point of contact, we also coordinated with trusted service providers to have custom banners created and set up throughout the venue. We hand-delivered the materials to the venue hundreds of miles away and had to manually update the tablets with the additional client content while on-site just minutes prior to the event.


Our clients were extremely pleased and the event went on as scheduled without a hitch. The client looked great and we were proud to be a part of this success!

Project elements:

  • Project Management
  • Product Sourcing
  • Custom Branding
  • Content Loading
  • Digital Printing
  • Event Coordination
  • On-Site Delivery and Setup
  • Custom Swag

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