Attracting The Tech-Savvy Traveler

Making a strong impression on today’s tech-savvy traveler requires branding through focused and relevant promotions.  Those on the go are always looking for ways to facilitate their journey, and this presents a great opportunity to get your brand noticed by giving them something they may actually want! To ensure that your company or brand is remembered, you’ll want to choose useful promotional items tailored specifically business travelers, tourists and vacationers.  Luckily, Synergem combines a deep knowledge of promotional strategies with knowledge of the latest trending technologies to produce attention-grabbing promotional products that will help your next travel branding campaign be a success. Here are some promotional product ideas geared towards this specific target market that are sure to leave a long-lasting impression:  

Taming the wire beasts

Cord Tacos
Like it or not, cables are needed to connect and power up today’s devices and travelers are likely to carry several wires and adapters. A customized cord rollup organizer or cord bag is a thoughtful gift that will surely be appreciated. For the forgetful, having a spare charging cable such as our carbon-fiber MFI USB-C to Lightning cable is always welcome. Keep cables like these from tangling up by using a custom-branded cord keepers like our cord tacos. For the fashionista, consider a charging cable tassel that can be attached to any handbag for easy access.

A quick power boost

Combination Power Bank + Qi Wireless Charger
Travelers have become more and more reliant on their devices and are constantly looking for a convenient way to keep them charged up and ready for use. One of our many power banks can provide a quick charge when a power source is not nearby. Think of these as portable batteries used to charge mobile devices. You can even step things up with a power bank that adds an intergrated Qi Wireless Charger!

Make a visual impact embracing sound

Custom-branded Bluetooth Earbuds
Since we’re on the topic of wireless, how about some wireless Bluetooth headphones or earbuds that showcases your company logo? We have many styles including comfortable headband styles for working out before heading to the swimming pool. Don’t worry, we have waterproof Bluetooth speakers for that as well to keep the music safe and sound.

Security beyond the checkpoint

RFID-blocking Wallet
Keeping products safe is one thing, but traveler safety is a growing concern in today’s world. We also offer items to help protect travelers from risks that may otherwise be overlooked. For example, take a look at some of our RFID blocking wallets to help protect from credit card theft. We also carry some of the smaller things like web-cam lens covers designed to keep the prying eyes of hackers away while on a laptop, tablet or cell phone. We even carry USB data blockers to ensure only power is provided to a device when charging in public locations.

Other ideas?

Synergem is extremely passionate about offering branding advice and creative solutions designed to fit your promotional needs. Our team collectively offers decades of experience with branding and promotional items. If you have something in particular you would like to discuss or are looking for other ideas, give us a call or contact us.

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